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Mad Wheels Vehicles

Let me show you the set of vehicles you can choose from.

At the very beginning there are two of them available:

Fast and nimble Thunder Bus. It has got a huge turbine for a super power. When used, the turbine gives provides not only for a speed boost but also enables you to bump damage your opponents. As a melee attack it uses two circular saws. Thunder Bus is very efficient on tangled tracks and is friendly for beginners due to its easy handling.

Mad Wheels comes to the App Store next week

Madness in nigh! Get your wheels ready! Mad Wheels comes to the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Unleash your road rage in Mad Wheels, an action-packed arcade racing experience. Oh, and if high-speed racing isn’t enough for you, there’s also some serious firepower to blast away your opponents, including machine guns and rockets! Take part in a Championship, dive into a Quick Race or take the race online via Wi-Fi and take down your friends!

  • Pick up and play controls; simple one touch steering mechanism makes Mad Wheels simple to use, but hard to master.
  • Super-destructive weaponry to blast your opponents to bits, including guns, rockets and mines.
  • Complete challenges in Championship Mode and collect all the medals.
  • Collect power-ups as you race round the track in order to be always ready for action!
  • Race against your friends through the Wi-Fi multiplayer.

Mad Wheels - new action racing game

Hi everyone!

Today NewFX Games announces its next action-racing game — "Mad Wheels". For those familiar with our pedigree: Mad Wheels will be Horror Racing on steroids. For those who are not: Mad Wheels is a top-down action racing game that allows you to blow your foes to smithereens whilst still trying to win the race!

Feel the tight turns, dodge every obstacle and avoid the devastating explosive rockets. Each car has a unique super weapon that allows you to play dirty if need be. If your more of a brawler, each car can use whatever machinery they were built with to cause destruction.

You'll get the following at your disposal:

  • A bunch of vehicles each with unique combat abilities
  • 3 different level environments
  • Online scoreboards
  • Wi-fi multiplayer
  • A high-octane high-adrenaline race!

Support for all iDevices: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it will still run smoothly on older devices.

Also we are glad to announce that the game will be published by Chillingo - Leading Independent Games Publisher and division of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS). "We're happy to collaborate with NewFX Games team on such a promising project" - Chris Byatte, General Manager of Chillingo.

At this moment in time the core game engine is almost complete, but there is still a lot of work left. We're experimenting with some features, polishing the gameplay and doing our best to make sure you will get the most of your playing experience!

Stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for Mad Wheels!

P.S. The TourchArcade forum thread

New logo! Yes, again!


Hi everybody!

We've got a surprisingly big attention to the update of our logo news including post's comments and private messages! And we're glad to inform you that everyone's favorite mushroom is back. It has undergo some minor improvements to fit the design of the web-site. So, enter the new old logo.

Horror Racing review

Hello! In this post I'd like to describe our game Horror Racing. Even though it was released last year our website has been launched only recently and I would like to provide our potential customers with a detailed review. So if you still haven't bought the game but want to know more about it this article is for you.

Horror Racing pioneered top-down racing on iPhone. The closest match in terms of gameplay experience is ancient Rock'n'Roll Racing for NES by Blizzard Entertainment. There is also some noticeable similarity to Micro Machines and Twisted Metal, but not that big.

Now, the aim of the game is to get the first place in a race lasting several laps. There are 15 different tracks out there, placed over 3 unique settings - cemetery, forest and town. You will race against 3 opponents on each track and will have fun blasting them with 3 types of weapons: machine-gun, rocket launcher and mines. The strategy is very simple: feed the enemy bullets and rockets when he is in front of you and try to save your butt deploying mines when you are in the lead.

You can not die permanently in this game...

Horror Racing successfully updated.

Update contains only iOS4 fixes. Also I'd like to inform that right now we have no plans to add new features or content to the Horror Racing. Our primary concern is to support the game in terms of its operability.


Horror Racing iOS4 update delayed

I've never considered seriously those stories about Apple's evil approval department. But lately we got the chance to feel their eternal wrath on our own hides. Yes, we regret to bring the bad news, but Apple has rejected our last update for Horror Racing (which contained various fixes for iOS4) due to our use of private API. Having said that I feel obliged to clear some things up.

In update v1.1 we've added the screen rotation feature to make sure the game runs in both landscape orientations (to allow people hold their iPhone the way they like). We've added this feature to the 3D OpenGL engine and to the native GUI, but eventually we got stuck with one particular issue on the character selection screen. Look at the screenshot below:

The car is displayed as a video file. And the problem is that the video player can't be rotated once it has started playing video, except by using some private API functions. So we had an option either to:

  • reject the rotation feature
  • release the game with a bug (the rotation won't work on the character selection screen)
  • risk to use private API

And so we took that risk. The update v1.1 was approved without problems. We got warning on update v1.2 and finally our update v1.3 was totally rejected.

The controversy with Apple's policy stems from their strict stance on forbidding the use of private APIs because there is no guarantee that such APIs will be supported in future releases of iOS. From the first glance it sounds reasonable. But in reality, the same goes for the official API as well (we've spent the whole day trying to make the video player 'behave' on both iOS3 and iOS4). Moreover, the official API has often got really poor functionality - I have dozens of stories about employing ugly hacks to get the needed functionality within iOS SDK.

So we got tapped trying to implement better usability. Formally Apple is right. But in reality they simply raised unnecessary hurdles along our track.

Again, back to our problem. At first we decided to remove forbidden code completely - the rotation 'bug' smells, but it's not THAT critical. Yet, after another brainstorming we've found a new ugly hack to deceive the iOS SDK and preserve our intended functionality. The implementation is ready and today we will try a new submit.

We apologise for the inconveniences. Let's hope that v1.3 will soon be accessible via Apple's App Store.

About new logo


As you remember when we released Horror Racing we used a logo with the colored mushroom engulfed in blue flames. Yet supreme forces prepared a cruel fate for that one. It was a nice and shiny day, nothing foretold trouble ahead. And suddenly, an unexpected spark of creative wisdom dawned on the mind of our lead-master-chief-designer Terazoid. For some twisted reason he got concerned about the growing entropy of the Universe. And then he insisted on changing our logo from the colored mushroom to a solid and clear text shape.

Then again, our mailboxes got spammed with literally thousands of "let me buy magic mushrooms" requests - we even tried drafting our new business plan based on that demand and hired a logistics manager. It's a pity he got sacked after we abandoned the idea. No, we are not against selling mushrooms, mind you, but our lawyer turned out to be quite a nervous guy - he was adamant that such an endeavor would definitely bring us trouble in most countries. Sad, but we want no trouble - no sir, thank you very much. Eventually, we agreed to keep on doing games for iPhone. Fortunately, video games can still be sold legally, so your chances to witness our rise to glory in the following years are pretty high ;)

First post


Welcome to our new website! Currently the priority for NewFX Games is a development of games for the iPhone and iPod Touch. For the time being our public portfolio consists of a single yet highly successful game release - Horror Racing. More projects will be revealed quite soon as well. We strongly believe that iPhone is one of the best modern platforms for making great games. It's got top of the line hardware, software plenty and impressive user base - all of these benefits combined provide for truly unique possibilities on the mobile gaming market. The iPhone has got a bright future, and we hope to make a substantial contribution to securing that future with what we do best - making great games. All the fun is still ahead. Stay tuned!